Loud and Clear Voice

Our voice shouts visual imagery and ideas that speak value

Tel It Media Solutions is a trading brand of Guru Media and Communication Partners Company.

  • It is an integrated media company,tourism,public relations consultancy and advertising brand established in Zimbabwe.
  • Multi-faceted media and communication company targeting locals and international markets.
  • Company that prides itself in selling brand Zimbabwe to the world.


To be the leader in trade line markets having a strong local and global competitiveness.


To sell the Zimbabwean brand locally and internationally.

Core values

  • Integrity
  • Factuality
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Reliability


  • To reveal the natural beauty of Zimbabwe to the world.
  • To exploit overshadowed assets and attributes that Zimbabwe is proud of.
  • To attract the francophone world to explore Zimbabwe in its natural aspects.
  • To help francophone people tour the country.

Our Services

Tourism & Hospitality

We provide a wide range of expertise including consultancy and management. We reinvent innovative products for tourist destinations and the country of Zimbabwe as a brand.

Media & Public Relations Consultancy

Our media and PR professionals know what makes a story. We provide expert filming, editing and public relations management.

We have skilled content writers: excellent content is the oxygen of good publicity. We express ideas and harness the power of creativity to transform brands.


We engage and evoke businesses to deliver favourable results. We assist clients to have a respectable reputation in the market while developing holistic marketing plans for their brands and products.

We institute meaningful and persuasive presence in the the market and will attract the target client.

Let’s build something together.