Travel to Zimbabwe

General travel advisory

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Travelers should exercise caution in any decisions about international travel, as several countries have been progressively changing covid-19 testing strategies, resulting in lower overall numbers of tests performed and consequently lower numbers of cases detected.

Anyone considering traveling abroad should be aware that restrictions are subject to change at short notice, and additional restrictions may be imposed by the country of your destination, including during your visit.

Travel to Zimbabwe

All passengers travelling to zimbabwe are required to provide one of the following;

  • Proof of full vaccination (2 doses of any one or more of the vaccines approved by the world health organisation).
  • Proof of a negative pcr test taken within 48 hours of departure flight.
  • Passengers will be required to complete track and trace information on arrival in Zimbabwe.

Irish citizens who are visiting or resident in Zimbabwe should be aware of the requirement to comply with any public health measures that may be introduced by the government of Zimbabwe, and the requirement to comply in full with all immigration requirements at all times

More information on the measures being implemented by the government of Zimbabwe can be found at the website of the ministry of health and child care


Travelers are encouraged to visit the reserve bank of Zimbabwe website at for daily exchange rate values in relation to the major currencies.

Those traveling to Zimbabwe should be able to exchange foreign currency cash at official outlets such as banks and foreign exchange bureaux. Local currency should be available in return, but this is dependent on how much the financial service provider has to hand at the time.

Using credit/debit cards to get the exchange rates of the day can be advised.

Clarification on acceptable payment methods should always be sought in advance from hotels and other outlets.